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Former presidents's
Mrs. D.K.P.Samarakoon. 1985.10.01 - 1994.12.31
Mr.R.M.Thilakarathne. 1995.01.01 - 1995.05.18
Mr.K.V.Nihal Herth 1995.05.19 - 1997.01.14 Mr.E.Amarasinghe 1997.01.15 - 1997.10.20 Mr.K.G.Darmadasa 1997.10.23 - 2001.09.05 Mr.Nalin Nanayakkara 2001.09.06 - 2002.01.04 Mrs.S.K.I.Nonis 2002.01.05 - 2004.01.26 Mrs.M.L.K.Rambukwella 2004.01.27 - 2005.05.10 Mr.K.R.W.Bandara 2005.05.11 - 2006.07.26 Mrs.K.G.W.Keerthirathne 2006.07.26 - Up to now

Message of The Vice President(Acadamic and Quality Assurance)

With a heart filled with pleasure I release this message to öThe College Profileö published on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Mahaweli National College of Education, Polgolla. At this moment the name of any another College of Education which has undergone changes as Mahaweli does not come into my mind. Mahaweli is one of the pioneer colleges in the system. Since its inception in 1985, for 15 years it continued as a Primary Pre-service teacher training institute. The introduction of two new courses in 2000, namely English Language and Western Music brought about a change not only of subjects but of medium of instruction too. With the introduction of the courses of Second National Languages in 2009 namely Sinhala and Tamil, the college shoulders the responsibility of fulfilling a national need. Knowing each otherĺs culture patterns and ability use each otherĺs language are two important factors in bringing about Peace, Unity and Ethnic harmony in the country. Mahaweli NCOE has so far produced a large number of competent teachers and gifted them to the service of the nation. It is my firm belief that the college will continue to produce the most knowledgeable, flexible and competent teachers who can serve in any part of the island. Such dedicated teachers can be produced by making our teacher trainees more independent, self-reliant, self-confident and interested more in self- learning. On this important occasion I wish to remember, congratulate and felicitate all the Past Presidents and Past members of academic and non-academic staff who contributed to the success and furtherance of Mahaweli NCOE. May Mahaweli continue to illuminate the path of Education. T.K.Ekanayeka

Mrs.CLW Senanayake

Vice President(Acadamic and Quality Assurance) MNCOE







Administration structure President
Mrs. KAGD Keerthirathna
Vice President(Administration and Finance)
Mrs. TK Ekanayake
Vice President(Acadamic and Quality Assurance)
Mrs. CLW Senanayake
Vice President(Continuing Education)
Mrs. RMPPK Ilukkimbura
Dean (1st year)
Mrs. OPMR Mahabodhi
Dean(2nd year)
Mrs. TDS Karunagoda
Co-ordinator(Administration and Finance)
Mr. MN Sarath Mahindapala
Mrs. SPMP Wijewardana