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Former presidents's
Mrs. D.K.P.Samarakoon. 1985.10.01 - 1994.12.31
Mr.R.M.Thilakarathne. 1995.01.01 - 1995.05.18
Mr.K.V.Nihal Herth 1995.05.19 - 1997.01.14 Mr.E.Amarasinghe 1997.01.15 - 1997.10.20 Mr.K.G.Darmadasa 1997.10.23 - 2001.09.05 Mr.Nalin Nanayakkara 2001.09.06 - 2002.01.04 Mrs.S.K.I.Nonis 2002.01.05 - 2004.01.26 Mrs.M.L.K.Rambukwella 2004.01.27 - 2005.05.10 Mr.K.R.W.Bandara 2005.05.11 - 2006.07.26 Mrs.K.G.W.Keerthirathne 2006.07.26 - Up to now

Message of The Vice President(Administration and Finance)

It is with great pleasure I open this message for the College Profile 2010 presented specially to mark the 25th anniversary of the Mahaweli National College of Education. Today we proudly speak of the grand heritage of Mahaweli NCOE. This institution has a very good reputation for gifting competent teacher to the nation through a number of courses such as Primary, English, Library and Information studies and Western Music. Since 2008 the MNCOE has taken another step forward towards fulfilling a key national need by introducing second National Language Sinhala and Tamil courses and now the institution has become a specialized college for languages. The past 25 years stand witness to the successful fulfillment of those objectives with which this institution was inaugurated. MNCOE continues to be a significant contribute in the education sector, not only having superior teacher training , but also by maintaining a strong educational selection ship with the schools and conducting continues research work by the academic staff in an asset to the field of education. It in indeed an honor to serve and establishment with such a proud heritage in the field of education in Sri Lanka. It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I recall the immense contribution made by the past presidents, the members of the academic and non-academic staff of this prestigious institution for the last 25 years for their voluble contribution and deligration which laid the foundations for continual success. I also wish to extend my gratitude to the present members of academic and non-academic staff for their dedication preserving the dignity of this institution. Although it is a daunting task to consist 25 years of heritage achievement and intimate details in to one single publication, it is a commendable and timely exercise undertaken by the publication committee to commemorate this important milestone of MNCOE. My sincere thanks hereby are extended to the publication committee for this tireless effort and dedication is making this publication a success. May this institution continue to be a beacon of light of the future generation of education of this nation. T.K.Ekanayeka

Mrs.TK ekanayake

Vice President(Administration and Finance) MNCOE







Administration structure President
Mrs. KAGD Keerthirathna
Vice President(Administration and Finance)
Mrs. TK Ekanayake
Vice President(Acadamic and Quality Assurance)
Mrs. CLW Senanayake
Vice President(Continuing Education)
Mrs. RMPPK Ilukkimbura
Dean (1st year)
Mrs. OPMR Mahabodhi
Dean(2nd year)
Mrs. TDS Karunagoda
Co-ordinator(Administration and Finance)
Mr. MN Sarath Mahindapala
Mrs. SPMP Wijewardana